Touching Life, LLC 

Elizabeth Brittain Liotta, CMT

Elizabeth Brittain Liotta, CMT, CHt


I have been practicing holistic therapies for over 20 years. I have studied with natural healers in other countries as well as with well-respected institutions of healing in the United States. I am well versed in the structural alignment and integration of the human body. I work with women, men and children.

I am a natural born intuitive, clairvoyant and sound healer. I am well trained in the energetic healing arts and am happy to report science is finally catching up with the fact that we are made of energy. I have, from a very young age, been able to see and communicate with what others would term as spirits or Angels.

I realized, very early in my practice, that there is a sacredness to this work. I named my company, Touching Life, because, as practitioners, we are not only touching bodies, we are touching lives. There is a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspect to everyone who comes to see me. I find that true healing lies in returning a balance to these aspects. If you ignore one or more, the physical health and or mental health is sure to founder. However, I have also found that the human spirit and body have amazing capabilities to heal and overcome once they know you are moving in the direction of balance again.

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