Touching Life, LLC 

Elizabeth Brittain Liotta, CMT

Angelic Attunement and Intuitive Reading

These amazing beings are alive and well. They have been written about since the beginning of time in just about every culture. I have seen them (and still do see them) and have been able to communicate with them since I was a very young child. Every human alive has a whole team of Angels/spirits who are supporting their journey as a soul here on this planet. It has been my experience that we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience not the other way around. It is also my understanding that Angels/spirits progress in their growth as they assist us in ours.

We are currently living in intense times where vibrations are raising quicklly and causing a certain amount of chaos on the planet and in our lives. The Angels have asked me to create a session where they can channel through an Attunement (an energetic gift) that will help give support in this time of transformation. This Attunement is given in conjunction with a personal soul reading to interpret the energies that will better help you to use your gifts and talents in this lifetime.

Please feel free to bring any questions that you might have for your " team" at the time of your reading. Please note that your Angels and Guides will never tell you what to do. There is a Universal Law of Free Will that they will not defy. However, they will discuss the energy around a decision that you might make.

Group sessions for up to 10 people are also available with shorter readings due to time limits.

We have clients from many of the United States and other countries. Distance sessions are available.

                               Sound Healing Therapy

Sound was one of the first tools of healing in the history of creation. We are born with the ability to use sound to comfort ourselves and communicate and too often, as children, we were told to be quiet and not use our gift. I have had native teachers for sound but I have also worked with a lovely teacher who is one of the leaders in acoustic brain research.

In a sound healing session, I will channel sound in a way that will personally tailor the session for your healing and what you would like to create for your body and your life. Sound can be used to release stuck emotions and patterns that are no longer serving you. Sound can be used to empower you and reconnect you to  your own natural healing abilities and inner voice.

During my sound sessions I sometimes use drums, a crystal bowl, symbols or other instruments but I really try to emphasize that my body and my voice are the true instruments and so are yours. Clients have often heard the angels toning and singing with me as they feel a deep state of relaxation and the presence of the angels.

As with any of the holistic therapies that I practice, you will also be participating with me and the angels. This is not something that is done to you, it is done with you.

Sound healing can also be done in groups. Distance sessions are also available.
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