Touching Life, LLC 

Elizabeth Brittain Liotta, CMT

                               Fertility and Prenatal Care

I have been working with men and women on this very intimate and sacred experience for over 19 years with a great deal of success.  It is important to assist with structural alignment of the body to encourage conception.  However, I have also found that conception will also depend upon divine timing, positive thought and visualization even more than the technical physical aspects. 

Assessing the energy of the chakras for conception and the process of carrying a baby to full term is essential.  Is there enough room in the body for proper nourishment, detoxification and nerve conduction to the reproductive organs?  Is there enough lifeforce energy in the chakras to bring a soul through and nourish it to full term? 

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy are often essential in assisting a couple to conceive.  I find I have had great success when both the man and the woman receive this therapy.  Self-care is taught during the session but I also teach the couple how to do the massage for each other to create a deeper connection and sense of support.  Perspective fathers often feel left out of the process or helpless when the woman is going through fertility care and this is a way for them to feel they are important and included.  I will still be happy to teach your partner how to care for you if he or she is not ready to experience this therapy themselves.

I have found that each conception and birth journey is unique to each woman, man and couple. I feel that you should only receive positive support for however you decide to conceive your beautiful baby.  If there has been a history of miscarriage it can be difficult to learn to trust your body enough to try again.  I remind all of my hopeful clients that all it will take, when the time is right, is one egg, one sperm and a divine spark.  We live in a universe with so many different possibilities and variations, with the right amount of heart and focus, almost anything is possible.


This is a very important and special time in your life.  
Take the time to prepare for a wonderful pregnancy, a positive delivery and a homecoming that really supports you and the new addition to your family.                  
 Prenatal Massage is an essential part of creating and 
 maintaining a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.  In the event that you develop discomfort and/or hormonal fluctuations there are many different gentle non- invasive holistic techniques that can help you and your body return to a state of balance and peace.

 Receiving a massage right before delivery can assist you in feeling more calm and relaxed.  At that time I will also recommend some basic stretches and gentle techniques that will assist in the birth process.  I also recommend meditation and positive visualization to all of my prenatal clients. 

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